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Our story:

                In 1932, Ralph H. Viola purchased a one-room store at 305 N. Buckeye in Abilene, Kansas.  The store was only 24 feet wide by 65 feet long. The R.H.V. Store began with only a few hardware items, some seed potatoes and a cream station. The store soon expanded to include three rooms, adding auto supplies, televisions and appliances. 

                The R.H.V. store became known for its friendly, down-to-earth, helpful associates ready to do most anything for its friends. That reputation allowed them to keep up regardless of the changing merchandise trends of the past, present and future.

                Over the years there have indeed been many changes at RHV. Ownership changed, the name changed to RHV Do It Best Hardware (RHV meaning Real. Honest. Value.), the store expanded to four rooms wide and a city block long, and began carrying a wider variety of products. As the RHV name has evolved, there has been one constant: friendly associates that will help you with almost anything, striving to bring you the best in customer service.

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